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TOBY Awards
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Houston BOMA TOBY Awards Program

To better serve our members, Houston BOMA is adjusting the schedule for our TOBY Program from being offered annually to occurring every three years. As such, the program will take a hiatus for the 2019 and 2020 TOBY cycles, and Houston’s next TOBY Program will be held in 2021, with applications opening in 2020. By limiting the TOBY Program to every three years, buildings will have more time to plan and prepare for competing in this prestigious awards competition. 

If any building desires entry into the International TOBY competition prior to 2021, Houston BOMA will make the necessary provisions of entering the building for TOBY consideration, just let us know! Interested TOBY entrants can fill out an application here, and BOMA staff and local TOBY judges will help guide buildings through the competition. Although there will not be a local awards ceremony held by Houston BOMA during the hiatus, members can still move on to compete in regional and International competition as normal. We will continue to host workshops each year to assist any member interested in entering the TOBY Awards Competition.

For more information, contact Ashleigh Yelovich at

Interested TOBY Entrants can complete the TOBY Application here.

About the TOBY Awards

It's a New Day for TOBY in Houston!

Houston BOMA has revised its TOBY program to respond to the challenges of today's property managers. Not only have we made competing less cumbersome, but we are placing increased emphasis on our Houston winners. Here's what's new:

  • A simple only entry form and a building tour are the requirements for the local competition
  • If you are the successful entry in your category, preparing a portfolio for the regional and international competitions is optional.
The TOBY Award

The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards are the most prestigious and comprehensive programs of their kind in the commercial real estate industry. The program recognizes outstanding performance in buildings and rewards excellence in building management. Buildings can enter in a category based on size or other classifications such as Suburban Low and Mid-Rise, Corporate, Medical, Industrial, Retail, Renovated, and Earth.

How TOBY Works

There is a lot that happens before we celebrate all of the hard work that goes into running award-worthy buildings. It all starts with our property management teams and their buildings.

While you are preparing your building to be judged for competition, teams of Houston BOMA volunteer-judges are assembled. Judging teams are made up of 3 or more property managers and service providers. The team is always led by a property manager. Each team-member is screened for potential conflicts of interest before judging categories are assigned. Each team member must judge all buildings within a category for his or her scoring to count.

Each team leader will contact the property manager entrants to schedule a convenient time for a building tour. During the site visit, each member of the team independently rates your building in a variety of building management areas. The members will tally a final total, provide comments, and return their score sheets to the Team Leader. The TOBY Chairperson collects all score sheets, records the scoring and rankings for each building category to determine the winner. The winners are closely-held until the announcement at the Annual Awards Extravaganza.


Download the TOBY Requirements for each category using the links below. 

How-to guides for BOMA International TOBY Competition:

Houston BOMA Past TOBY Winners

2020 Annual Partners

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