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Position Statements
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The Houston Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) is the only association in the greater Houston area that advocates on behalf  of commercial real estate professionals. Houston BOMA members support thousands of area jobs and the millions of people who work in Houston office buildings every day. Our advocacy efforts result in member savings of millions of dollars each year.
We advocate for:

Fair, Transparent, Predictable and Justifiable Fees/Taxes.  Any taxes should be broad-based and carefully tailored to minimize any adverse economic effect. All fees imposed by the City should be fair and directly relate to the cost of the services for which the revenue is being assessed. Property valuations should be equal and uniform across the marketplace.

Land Use, Planning, Building Codes, Transportation, Parking, and Quality of Life Policies that are Balanced, Predictable, Consistent, Transparent, Cost-effective, Fully Vetted, and Respect Property Owner Rights. City land use, building code enforcement, transportation policies and parking regulations should promote economic growth, job creation and broaden the city’s tax base. Houston BOMA supports logical, reasonable, and fair reforms which give predictability to new development, while allowing for proper assessment of the impacts on local services, infrastructure, and the environment.
Building and Operating a Sustainable Environment. BOMA members support a more sustainable environment by reducing the use of energy, water and other natural resources, using cost-effective means that properly weigh net benefits with the costs to implement.
Emergency Preparedness. BOMA supports actions and practices that promote exemplary public safety, security, emergency preparedness and incident prevention in office buildings.

Streamlined and Cost Effective Government. BOMA supports local initiatives that make our government more accountable, fair, practical, streamlined and cost effective.

2020 Annual Partners

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association
9 Greenway Plaza, Suite 100, Houston, Texas 77046
(713) 266-5691